Site closure

We're very sad to announce the closure of

TF2WH is closing after almost 7 years of operation from the 26th of September 2011 until the 3rd of August 2018.

During that time we had completed 24,873,860 trades with our 705,888 users, having completed 9.3 million sell trades and 15.5 million buy trades, buying (and then selling) 22.4 million items and paying a total of 166.9 billion credits. We also consigned 35,435 items for sellers totalling 8.2 million credits.

Unfortunately with the many trade changes that have been implemented, as well as the proliferation of ad blockers, we simply do not see a way to viably continue to operate the site. Additionally during the last 18 months the site has been operating at a loss and we have had to make the hard decision to shut down, as much as we all wanted to keep it running.

I would like to thank our loyal customers, including our 5 ultimate customers, and the customers who opted to utilise our credit purchasing (and didn't charge back).

Additionally I would also like to thank all our moderators and community leaders who have helped us out over the years. You all deserved to be compensated for your time and contributions a lot more than we were able to do, but I appreciate your devotion all the more because you stuck with the site regardless.

And generally I would like to thank all the rest of our users that didn't distinguish themselves in any way, but without whom we wouldn't have had a site to run. It was our pleasure to provide this resource for you (yes, even the botters) to use, and we would have liked to continue to do so.

Thank you all,

triddin, moujave and PartyM.