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TF2 Warehouse

Welcome to TF2 Warehouse the site where you can buy and sell TF2 items efficiently and safely through the use of a fleet of automated bots. Why waste your time searching for what you want and then hoping to find the seller online when you're ready to trade? Why spend hours listing items for sale, only to have to chase down the buyer to complete the transaction? With TF2 Warehouse, those problems are a thing of the past. We're always open and ready to trade with you and have more TF2 items in our inventory than any site on the internet. Why go anywhere else?

Safe Trading, The Trust System

To protect both the site and its members, we use a tiered trust system, earned based on the trades you make over a period of time. This system helps insure that the items you buy come from honest traders who have established a positive reputation here. We take safe and honest trading very seriously. Selling stolen items into the Warehouse or scamming anyone in the community will result in you being banned. We have a zero tolerance policy against such violations. You have been warned, keep it safe and fun.

For more details and your current trust level, see the TF2WH trust system

How to get started

Before you do anything, login with your Steam account using the green button at the top of the page. Steam login is powered by Steam's OpenId provider, a safe and secure way to use your Steam account to sign in to any site that needs to verify who you are on Steam. Steam's OpenId provider is located at an address that will always start with so be sure to check for that at the beginning of any page asking for your Steam credentials.

To sell items:

  1. Check the Backpack viewer to find out what items you can sell.
  2. Click the "Trade" button on the right side of the page.
  3. Wait to be contacted by the automated bot.
  4. Verify that the safeword the bot provides is the same one assigned to your account.
  5. Offer any amount of items. The bot tells you their credit value in the chat box on the website above the sell button.
  6. Accept the trade and the credits will be instantly applied to your account.
  7. You may buy and sell at the same time.

To buy an item:

  1. Search for your desired items or browse All Items.
  2. When you find an item you wish to purchase click "Reserve".
  3. When ready click "Trade" and a bot will add you as a friend. Accept this add and they will send you a trade to deliver your reserved items. If you reserved items on several bots, you'll need to click "Trade" again after completing each transaction until you have every item.
  4. If you do not retrieve reserved items within four hours, they will be unreserved and available to other users again.

For newcomers, we have prepared a video help section, explaining the process. Affiliate Community