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Trust system

The TF2WH trust system is a tiered structure which determines how many items we will accept from any account on a given week (week being defined as Thursday to Wednesday, UTC time).

TierMaximum tradeNext level
140 items300,000c3 items15,000c
260 items600,000c5 items25,000c
380 items1,000,000c7 items60,000c
4120 items1,250,000c9 items90,000c
5150 items2,000,000c11 items150,000c
6300 items3,000,000c13 items200,000c
7400 items4,000,000c17 items300,000c
8500 items7,000,000c19 items400,000c
9600 items10,000,000c23 items500,000c
10750 items15,000,000c29 items600,000c
11850 items20,000,000c31 items750,000c
121,000 items40,000,000cnonenone

Items which you sell to us for less than 250c are exempt from this system. They do not count towards, nor against your weekly quota.

In the current week, you may only trade to us (sell) up to the maximum number of items OR the maximum amount of credits at your current trust tier.

If, in one week, you manage to sell to the warehouse (at least) the number of items AND number of credits required for the next trust tier then starting the following week you'll achieve the next tier.

Beyond trading enough items and credits per month, you may also increase your trading power in two ways. One, use our new Verification system to verify your email and you'll be rewarded with a permanent one tier increase. The other, become an Ultimate member. Ultimate members are able to trade twice as many items and twice the credit value per tier, all at half the fees. Learn more about Ultimate membership.