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Warehouse Ultimate is a service that provides you with a host of useful features designed to help you get the most out of every trade you make by saving you both time and money, all while letting you feel good for helping support the site that you have come to trust and depend on. What features would you receive as an Ultimate member? Read on!

Priority Queueing

When you need to make a trade, you need to make it as soon as possible. With Ultimate, you're given priority over free members, making your wait time considerably shorter. How does it work? There are two queues, one for Ultimate members and one for free members. A shorter line means a shorter wait, it's just that simple.

Reduced fees on your sales and consignments!

Every time you sell an item, you pay a small fee, with Ultimate, that small fee is half as much, meaning that you get the most value possible for your item. For example, if a free users sells a 5,000c item to us, they would pay 500c in fees. If you, the Ultimate member sold the same item, you would only pay 250c in fees. That adds up very quickly, making Ultimate membership pay for itself very quickly.

It's even more impressive if you consign an item because you save half the fees on a much more expensive item. That can make a huge difference in what you receive when selling those special items that need to be consigned, like an unusual. Imagine how much you would save on that as an Ultimate member, it could easily be more than the price of membership in one trade.

Reservation Perks

  • More Items

    There are so many great items to buy on the Warehouse that sometimes it can be hard to fit all of them within your reservation limit. As a free member, that means 10 items, what happens when someone sells something you desperately want, but you can't reserve it because you're already at your limit? You could easily miss that item while trying to scramble to remove something else. Ultimate members don't have that problem, they can reserve 50 items at one time, which not only means never having to miss out because your reserves are full, but it also allows you the chance to shop a little more casually, you don't need to rush to retrieve every item you reserve, you can shop at your own pace and then send for a bot when you're ready.

  • More Time

    A free member has 1.5 hours to retrieve their reserved items. What if you're shopping on your phone and unable to complete a Steam trade in that time, or maybe you just get busy after reserving that special item you've always wanted. Time slips away and you've lost your item. How about we give you 3 hours, instead? No problem, all Ultimate members have 3 hours to retrieve their reserved items, so not only can they get more, they can do it at their own pace. Less pressure means a more enjoyable experience.

  • More Consignments

    Need to sell that unusual collection in a hurry and know that Warehouse is the place to do it? That's right, but what if that collection is 4 hats? Normally there's a limit of 3 consignments at once, but as an Ultimate member, you can have up to 10 items consigned at once, giving you the chance to list what you want, when you want, without hassles.

  • More Trust

    The normal limits for trading to the warehouse are doubled for Ultimate users. For example a tier one user can normally sell 20 items or 100,000c of items a week. Ultimate users get twice the quota. As a tier one Ultimate user you could sell up to 40 items or 200,000c instead!

Advertisements? Not for you!

We obviously have to pay the bills, and how do we do that? Advertising, of course. Every free member who visits the site is presented with advertisements that help us maintain the site, but as an Ultimate member you're already helping, so you don't have to see the ads, making your pages load faster and causing less distraction from the real reason you're here, to trade.

Price - $7.50USD

That's a lot of features, all designed to give you the most enjoyable and efficient experience possible. It obviously comes at a price, but it's one that we think most of you will earn back from decreased fees and is well worth the savings in time and effort.

That's right, for $7.50USD per month, you'll receive everything outlined above and any new features that are added in the future, and we can assure you, we've got some exciting things planned for our Ultimate members, more benefits, more options, more excitement. Now is the time to get on board and start enjoying the benefits.

Ready to Join?

If you're ready to join and begin experiencing the rewards of Ultimate membership, simply click the button below to make your first payment.

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